Oyu Tolgoi Copper Mine

Project Name
Oyu Tolgoi Copper Mine
Rio Tinto / Oyu Tolgoi LLC

The Oyu Tolgoi mine located in Mongolia, consists is one of the largest undeveloped copper reserves in the world. Development of the underground phase of the mine, to access the best minerals from deep below the surface where 80 per cent of the value of Oyu Tolgoi is found. Using block-caving mining techniques to extract the ore and transport it to the surface to the concentrator. Fourteen kilometers of lateral tunnels have already been constructed at Oyu Tolgoi. Over time, up to 200 kilometers of tunnels, at depths of up to 1,300 meters, will be built to allow safe mining of the deepest parts of Oyu Tolgoi’s ore body. CMI in conjunction with our local distributor, supplied couplers and adaptors to the underground mine site.